March Update

Alright, we’re out of summer now (ha!) so time for more updates.

I’ve just been up in sunny Brisbane (ha again!) doing some video recording with the fabulously talented Kim Cunio and Jaymis Loveday (and crew). This is some highlights of a solo show I’m pulling together, including George Aperghis’ Le Corps à Corps, Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh’s Playing in Tongues and three of my own pieces. You’ll see some of the fruits of that soon – it’s going to look and sound beautiful.

Next up, I’ll be heading to Mildura with Speak Percussion for Conflux, a dance performance with choreography by Sally Hederics and original music by Kim Chalmers. And then rushing back for a Paddy’s Day gig at the Royal Derby Hotel, Fitzroy on Sunday afternoon with Them UShillelaghs. And possibly a busk on Acland St afterwards. Expect all sorts of madness.

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