May antics


Well, exciting news. I now find myself the owner of this beautiful, beautiful instrument. It’s a set of uilleann pipes in C made by Derrick Gleeson of Co. Clare, Ireland. So if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, it’s more or less sitting around the house (and occasionally in public subways) playing this. Expect to see and hear a lot more of this guy soon. Not least because I’m not really doing anything else!

Actually that’s not quite true. Here’s some upcoming gigs…

First up we have ReFlux on 18 May. It’s a tribute to the Fluxus movement and its philosophies and influence, and will be ever so silly… Featuring classic performances by Yoko Ono,George Brecht, Nam June Paik, George Maciunas, Emmett Williams and many more as well as new compositions by Scott Comanzo (USA), Cameron Kennedy, Kim Tan and myself. Expect general anarchy….

ReFlux flyer-page-001manteia@conduitarts










Then a couple of gigs with Baba Yaga Orkestar on the 23rd and 24th. First supporting 8 Foot Felix at the Lomond Hotel and then on our lonesome at Open Studio. And finally, with Manteia at Conduit Arts Space on the 25th. Music by Dylan Lardelli, Yukiyo Takahashi and more. That’s it for me. Back to the pipes!


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