August Update

Hi again,

Things are definitely heating up for the year. I’ve just been up in Talbot for a lovely weekend of tunes and piperly geekery courtesy of the Celtic Piping Club. And the pipering is set to continue with a gig on Wednesday 7 August at Open Studio. Featuring myself on pipes and Ryan Williams on recorders. Then Serenade for George Harrison on the 16th with Ryan Williams and Stuart Fisher which is going to be quite pleasantly deranged. Amongst other things, I get to pretend I can play hurdy-gurdy, splash around in buckets of water and yell “Yoda!” periodically. That one will also feature the first performance of my own Scenes from an Unfilmed Western.

After that, I’ll be playing with Speak Percussion in Canberra on 24 August, Baba Yaga Orkestar at the Queen Vic Markets on the 28th August. And more bits and pieces to follow. I’ll be quite excited to hear Hugh Tidy premiere my Work of Friction for his ANAM recital on 3 September amongst other loud and difficult things. You should be too. As always info will be put up on the gigs page as it comes to me.



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