Embarassingly belated update

Very poor effort in waiting until May for my first update of 2014. But here’s what’s happening.

I’m currently in the middle of the season for Terminal, Dylan Sheridan’s new opera for the Next Wave Festival. We just got a very nice review from Cameron Woodhead in the Age. Still another week of that before I can put all thoughts of rat-traps behind me. It’s been great to think so theatrically about the process of making sounds.

And I’m going to Ireland in a few months! I’ll be studying with the phenomenal Mikie Smyth, hitting up as many summer schools and festivals as possible, and generally living it up. I’m planning to update regularly here so stay tuned.




2014 Preview

Hi and Happy New Year (almost)! Just a quick update with some exciting things happening in 2014.

I was just awarded a JUMP Mentoring grant from the Australia Council for the Arts to study the uilleann pipes in Ireland with one of my favourite pipers, Mikie Smyth. I’ll be playing a solo recital in Melbourne later in the year as the culmination of that project, including premieres of new music by Luke Paulding and Jeanette Little. I’m tremendously excited about this so expect to hear a lot more…

And for the Next Wave Festival in May I’ll be performing a new opera/theatre piece for solo performer/professional weirdo by Dylan Sheridan. We’ll start working on that in a couple of weeks at the Peacock Theatre in Hobart so I’ll let you know more as it reveals itself.

And before the new year hits I’ll be playing two sets at the Falls Music & Arts Festival in Lorne with the inimitable Baba Yaga Orkestar. In fact, I really should get some sleep before our early start.

Bye for now,






General havoc at the moment but not in an entirely unpleasant way…

This weekend I’ll be playing a couple of Melbourne Fringe Festival show with Mooshim, struggling valiantly to pretend I still have some ability on keyboard percussion after years of neglect. It should be fun in an epic minimalist jazz-ish kind of way.

And then heading up to Brisbane for the Festival of Toy Music on 5 October where I’ll be developing a performance for 25 tin whistles as well as seeing how many party horns can be realistically inserted into a set of uilleann pipes (I really hope the ghost of Willie Clancy is looking elsewhere) with Clocked Out Duo.  I’ll also be deeply honoured to be sharing the stage with the magnificent Margaret Leng Tan. It would be great to see some of my Brisbane friends (and any of my really dedicated Melbourne friends).

Somewhere in there I’ll also be working on and recording some tunes for the upcoming  BROUS album…

More coming soon, including International Uilleann Piping Day (yes, you heard right) on the 19th of October. Hurrah!



August Update

Hi again,

Things are definitely heating up for the year. I’ve just been up in Talbot for a lovely weekend of tunes and piperly geekery courtesy of the Celtic Piping Club. And the pipering is set to continue with a gig on Wednesday 7 August at Open Studio. Featuring myself on pipes and Ryan Williams on recorders. Then Serenade for George Harrison on the 16th with Ryan Williams and Stuart Fisher which is going to be quite pleasantly deranged. Amongst other things, I get to pretend I can play hurdy-gurdy, splash around in buckets of water and yell “Yoda!” periodically. That one will also feature the first performance of my own Scenes from an Unfilmed Western.

After that, I’ll be playing with Speak Percussion in Canberra on 24 August, Baba Yaga Orkestar at the Queen Vic Markets on the 28th August. And more bits and pieces to follow. I’ll be quite excited to hear Hugh Tidy premiere my Work of Friction for his ANAM recital on 3 September amongst other loud and difficult things. You should be too. As always info will be put up on the gigs page as it comes to me.




May antics


Well, exciting news. I now find myself the owner of this beautiful, beautiful instrument. It’s a set of uilleann pipes in C made by Derrick Gleeson of Co. Clare, Ireland. So if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, it’s more or less sitting around the house (and occasionally in public subways) playing this. Expect to see and hear a lot more of this guy soon. Not least because I’m not really doing anything else!

Actually that’s not quite true. Here’s some upcoming gigs…

First up we have ReFlux on 18 May. It’s a tribute to the Fluxus movement and its philosophies and influence, and will be ever so silly… Featuring classic performances by Yoko Ono,George Brecht, Nam June Paik, George Maciunas, Emmett Williams and many more as well as new compositions by Scott Comanzo (USA), Cameron Kennedy, Kim Tan and myself. Expect general anarchy….

ReFlux flyer-page-001manteia@conduitarts










Then a couple of gigs with Baba Yaga Orkestar on the 23rd and 24th. First supporting 8 Foot Felix at the Lomond Hotel and then on our lonesome at Open Studio. And finally, with Manteia at Conduit Arts Space on the 25th. Music by Dylan Lardelli, Yukiyo Takahashi and more. That’s it for me. Back to the pipes!



March Update

Alright, we’re out of summer now (ha!) so time for more updates.

I’ve just been up in sunny Brisbane (ha again!) doing some video recording with the fabulously talented Kim Cunio and Jaymis Loveday (and crew). This is some highlights of a solo show I’m pulling together, including George Aperghis’ Le Corps à Corps, Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh’s Playing in Tongues and three of my own pieces. You’ll see some of the fruits of that soon – it’s going to look and sound beautiful.

Next up, I’ll be heading to Mildura with Speak Percussion for Conflux, a dance performance with choreography by Sally Hederics and original music by Kim Chalmers. And then rushing back for a Paddy’s Day gig at the Royal Derby Hotel, Fitzroy on Sunday afternoon with Them UShillelaghs. And possibly a busk on Acland St afterwards. Expect all sorts of madness.


Belated Update

Apologies for not writing anything sooner but here goes with my first update for 2013…

Things have been pretty busy already this year. I’ve been doing some video shooting for an upcoming artwork by Sonia Leber and David Chesworth in the condemned Age building opposite Southern Cross Station. A truly amazing place to make noises… Then a couple of rural gigs, Opera in the Alps in Beechworth with Alpha Sinfonia and Ariel Ramírez’ Misa Criolla with the Gloriana Chamber Choir in Ballarat. And most recently a bit of recording with the Do Yo Thangs.

Other than that I’ve been getting very very deep into the piping thing and trying to work out how to make moderate amounts of money without really doing much work. Suggestions?


Final gigs for 2012

Business is set to continue well into December this year with some fun stuff coming up.

First up, we have The UShillelaghs (as lunatic a band as you’re likely to come across) performing some Irish pub favourites at the Imagine Concert, a fundraiser for the reconciliation of black and white Australia. It’ll be a beautiful lineup of world music for a great cause. And then some original Balkan brass music with Baba Yaga Orkestar at Northcote’s Open Studio on the 23rd of November. The first drum kit gig I’ve done for a very long while so it could be quite amusing…

Heading into December I’ll be performing Anthony Pateras‘ Lost Compass for bass flute and percussion quartet at Fortyfive Downstairs with Lina Andonovska on 4 December. And the third TransLocal concert at Montsalvat on the 6th – featuring music by Yukiyo Takahashi, Dylan Lardelli, Samuel Holloway, Carmen Chan and 12 Dog Cycle. And finally (as far as I know) on 15 December, Nonzero (myself and Cameron Kennedy) will be presenting our debut Melbourne gig at Richmond Uniting Church with our anarchic take on the percussion duo format. I’m very excited about that one…

Also a shout out to James Williams and Zela Papageorgiou who are premiering my latest composition Adhockery in their VCA recitals this week!

Full info about all of these is on the Gigs page… Hope to see you around!


New drum!

I just found this little hero in the sublimely bizarre Tarlo & Graham on Chapel St. He’s only 27″ but (at least after some judicious tuning) he definitely punches above his weight. And comes with calf heads – just the kind I always seem to break!

There’s another (slightly smaller) one still there if anyone’s in the market.



Trans Local

Let me start by giving a quick plug to this upcoming concert series at Montsalvat, featuring local and international composers, improvisers and general awesomeness. You can find the details on the Gigs page or here.

For the first one (this Thursday) I’ll be playing Simon Charles’ Transmission for three saxes, flute and percussion. I’ve just been choreographing my part so hopefully I won’t send junk metal crashing to the floor like last rehearsal. But you never know…

Also on the program is Dylan Lardelli’s Arrangements for saxophone quartet and improvisations from Tony Hicks, Peter Knight and Scott McConnachie (all amongst my very favourite improvisers).

Should be a good night…