Embarassingly belated update

Very poor effort in waiting until May for my first update of 2014. But here’s what’s happening.

I’m currently in the middle of the season for Terminal, Dylan Sheridan’s new opera for the Next Wave Festival. We just got a very nice review from Cameron Woodhead in the Age. Still another week of that before I can put all thoughts of rat-traps behind me. It’s been great to think so theatrically about the process of making sounds.

And I’m going to Ireland in a few months! I’ll be studying with the phenomenal Mikie Smyth, hitting up as many summer schools and festivals as possible, and generally living it up. I’m planning to update regularly here so stay tuned.




Belated Update

Apologies for not writing anything sooner but here goes with my first update for 2013…

Things have been pretty busy already this year. I’ve been doing some video shooting for an upcoming artwork by Sonia Leber and David Chesworth in the condemned Age building opposite Southern Cross Station. A truly amazing place to make noises… Then a couple of rural gigs, Opera in the Alps in Beechworth with Alpha Sinfonia and Ariel Ramírez’ Misa Criolla with the Gloriana Chamber Choir in Ballarat. And most recently a bit of recording with the Do Yo Thangs.

Other than that I’ve been getting very very deep into the piping thing and trying to work out how to make moderate amounts of money without really doing much work. Suggestions?


New drum!

I just found this little hero in the sublimely bizarre Tarlo & Graham on Chapel St. He’s only 27″ but (at least after some judicious tuning) he definitely punches above his weight. And comes with calf heads – just the kind I always seem to break!

There’s another (slightly smaller) one still there if anyone’s in the market.



Trans Local

Let me start by giving a quick plug to this upcoming concert series at Montsalvat, featuring local and international composers, improvisers and general awesomeness. You can find the details on the Gigs page or here.

For the first one (this Thursday) I’ll be playing Simon Charles’ Transmission for three saxes, flute and percussion. I’ve just been choreographing my part so hopefully I won’t send junk metal crashing to the floor like last rehearsal. But you never know…

Also on the program is Dylan Lardelli’s Arrangements for saxophone quartet and improvisations from Tony Hicks, Peter Knight and Scott McConnachie (all amongst my very favourite improvisers).

Should be a good night…



Welcome to my new site/blog!

This is very much a work in progress so if you check back in a few days or weeks you’ll probably find more to amuse you.