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It would seem I'm unemployed as far as the immediate future goes. How awkward...

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  1. Dear Matthew,

    My wife and I were at the MRC Salon last night (Tuesday 25the March 2014) to hear you play with Marshall McGuire and the Ludovico’s Band.
    What a great night and congratulations to all concerned.

    Our 9 year old grandson is learning the drums at his Primary School at Mt. Dandenong and is showing great promise.
    We were sorry that he was not with us last night to hear and see your performance on the drums.
    Can you tell us where you will be next performing and where as we are sure that he would be inspired to see and hear you?
    Any chance of another gig with Ludovicio’s Band?
    We look forward to hearing your playing on the Uilleann Pipes after you visit to Ireland.


    Jack Ide

    • Thanks a lot, Jack. Glad you enjoyed it. I don’t actually have too much coming up for the next month or so. The next major project is a contemporary opera for the Next Wave Festival in May but I’m not doing much in the way of conventional percussion for that. I’ll be overseas for the next Ludovico’s gig but I’d certainly love to work with them again. Things will very likely pop up. I’ll keep you posted.

      Thanks again,


  2. Hi Matt, I am the Irish Warpiper that you have seen at various festivals along with my piping partner Tracy, we try to see you as much as we can. My work mate Peter Sullivan, you’ll know his face has just told me that your in a bit of a pickle with finances for your debut cd. He told me about a website that is backing you up, also he told me about the various ways or ‘deals’ which people can help.What about a show at my house in Fairfield before I have to sell and move out of my house?? It would be a great fare well. I saw your concert in the city, I think in Feb, didn’t get a chance to tell you how inspiring it was. Anyway get back to me, and cash up front for you!! Regards Rod

    • Hi Rod, good to hear from you! Sounds like you’ve been pretty well informed. I don’t know about in a pickle but yes, I’m taking preorders and contributions to help fund the album. The website is
      You’ll see that the performance option is already there for contributions of $150 or more. So yes, a house concert sounds great to me! Thanks and I’ll be in touch very soon.

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