Here’s a list of things I’ve played; some recently, some less so. I’ve tried to make it as comprehensive as possible.

Composers, if I’ve played something of yours that isn’t in the list, please let me know. It’s more likely to be a memory lapse than a deliberate attempt to undermine your work…



Cristian Amigo – Thirteen One-Minute Pieces

Georges Aperghis – Le corps à corps

John Cage – ¢Composed Improvisation for one-sided drums, with or without jangles

Brian Ferneyhough – Bone Alphabet

Liam Flenady – At home…in the Anthropocene*

Jean-Charles François – Fragments II

Michael Gordon – XY

Matthew Horsley – Doxology*

Matthew Horsley – Trucklyhow!*

Matthew Horsley – Penny Dreadful II*

Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh -Playing in Tongues*

David Lang – The Anvil Chorus

Paul Lansky – Three Moves for Marimba

Graeme Leak – …And Now for the News

Liza Lim – Love Letter

Annea Lockwood – Amazonia Dreaming

Thelonious Monk arr. Horsley – Well, You Needn’t

Piotr Marian Nowotnik – Tranquilo*

Perez Prado arr. Horsley – Patricia

Frederic Rzewski – Lost and Found

Stuart Saunders Smith – Links no.4 (Monk)

Stuart Saunders Smith – Songs I-IX for Actor-Percussionist

James Tenney – Maximusic

Courtney Williams – Mo Mhuirnín

Emmett Williams – Duet for Performer and Audience

Emmett Williams – The Gift of Tongues

* – commissioned/premiered by Matthew Horsley



John Luther Adams – Inuksuit

Amy Bastow – never OdD or even

Martin Bresnick – Caprichos Enfáticos

Jeffrey Brooks – After The Treewatcher*

Gerard Brophy – A Flor da Pele

Gerard Brophy – mFm

Gerard Brophy – The Room of the Saints

Gerard Brophy – Songo

Gerard Brophy – We Bop

Warren Burt -Vibraphone and Tuning Forks*

Andrew Byrne – A Ringing World*

Andrew Byrne – Whispers and Cries

John Cage – First Construction (In Metal)

John Cage – Second Construction

John Cage – Third Construction

John Cage – Variations I

John Cage – Cartridge Music

John Cage – Credo in Us

Kim Chalmers – River Life

Carmen Chan – No Clouds*

Simon Charles – Matcham’s Junk*

Simon Charles – Like Plastic*

Simon Charles/Jessica Wilkinson – Marionette*

Simon Charles – Rhythm Study*

Simon Charles – Scratch The Inner Eye*

Simon Charles – Transmission*

Simon Charles – White Simplex*

Peter Clark – Possible Points*

Samuel Judson Crawford – Like A Hopper Painting*

George Crumb – Songs, Drones and Refrains of Death

George Crumb – Idyll for the Misbegotten

George Crumb – Ancient Voices of Children

Kim Cunio – Der Panther*

Daniel Dehaan – Object in Absence*

Gareth Farr – Kia Ora Khalid

Liam Flenady – Toward New Objects*

Michael Gordon – Four Kings Fight Five

Annie Gosfield – Echoes of the Copper Octopus

Gérard Grisey – Le Noire De L’Étoile

Gérard Grisey – Stèle

Erik Griswold – Strings Attached

Erik Griswold – In The Dream

Yotam Haber – Knife in the Water*

Yotam Haber – Young Minds at Play*

Lou Harrison – The Drums of Orpheus

Samuel Holloway – Sillage

Matthew Horsley – Backtrack (a contratiempo)*

Matthew Horsley – Contrapunteo*

Matthew Horsley – Murdering Creek Road*

Matthew Horsley – Panto I*

Matthew Horsley – Panto II*

Matthew Horsley – Passacaglia*

Mauricio Kagel – Rrrrrrr… (Sechs Schlagzeugduos)

Anders Koppel – Toccata

David Lang – Little Eye

David Lang – Table of Contents

Dylan Lardelli – Refining Metals*

Tanis León – A La Par

Liza Lim – City of Falling Angels

Liza Lim – Shimmer Songs

Liza Lim – Tarocchi

Jeanette Olivia Little – Aelita*

Jeanette Olivia Little – Shaman*

Thomas Meadowcroft – Home Organs

Darius Milhaud – Concerto for Percussion

Roscoe Mitchell – Bells of New Orleans

Thelonious Monk arr. Horsley -Round Midnight

Piotr Marian Nowotnik – Valles Marinaris*

Anthony Pateras – Refractions

Anthony Pateras – Flesh and Ghost*

Anthony Pateras – Fragile Absolute*

Luke Paulding – Her Sparkling Flesh in a Saecular Ecstasy

Mike Perdue – Hearsay*

Brendon Randall-Myers – Double Double

Steve Reich – Clapping Music

Steve Reich – Drumming

Compay Segundo arr. Horsley – Chan Chan

Stuart Saunders Smith – When Music is Missing, Music Sings

Juan Maria Solare – De lo subjective come forma de expression

Karlheinz Stockhausen – Schlagtrio

Yukiyo Takahashi – The Place Where the Lights are Destined to Meet*

Toru Takemitsu – Rain Tree

Timothy Tate – Minutiae*

James Tenney – Three Pieces for Drum Quartet

Edgard Varèse – Ionisation

Stephen Whibley – Blue Motion

Chris Williams – Il Pleut

Julia Wolfe – Dark Full Ride

John Zorn – Cobra

* – premiered by Matthew Horsley

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